it would be great if you guys actually read this

probably this is gonna be long and pointless so if you dont wanna read all the things im about to write, just know that the main idea of this post is telling you all that i’ll delete this blog on january


it’s basically because im like starting a new life next year

and yeah ok maybe that sounds dramatic but it’s true

i graduated from high school last year and i was supposed to start college on january this year

but a lot of personal stuff happened and i couldnt so my mom was like ”you can take this year for yourself” and that meant that this was like a gap year, just to rest and take a break of that ‘study’ thing

so i’ve been doing nothing this year

appart from making this blog there’s nothing relevant i can tell about 2012

but back in september/october the ‘talks’ about my ‘future’ started and my mom was going frantic because it doesnt matter what happened, i needed to start college next year

so i started applying for several universities and you may know that because of the amount of text posts i made about how freaking scared i was about it all

so after a lot of exams and interviews and talks and “this one is a good one” and “sorry, you didnt pass the exam you cant study the career you wanted” and “it’s ok we’re gonna find a good college, dont worry” i finally got accepted 

yes i was happy but not really

because i really really wanted to study medicine, and be a successful doctor and all that shits

but things dont go as you plan them and i have to study another career that it’s not bad but still its not what i imagined


im aware of the big effort my parents have been doing since all this “we want you to have a great future” started so im more than grateful for everything they’ve done and im not gonna throw a tantrum because the career i’ll have to study is not what i expected

im really really thankful because the education in my country is really expensive and it’s not like my parents can make money grow on trees

anywayyyyyyyy im sure you’re all bored reading this and im not making any sense and probably nobody is even reading this and you’re wondering “how the fuck is this related to deleting your blog???”

well the thing is

im starting college next year

it’s such a huge thing and i need to avoid any kind of distraction

and we all know tumblr is a big distraction

idk if i’ll be able to keep up with my blog and with the studying part

so it’s better if i just delete it

its sad and it upsets me because this blog is one of the best things i’ve ever made, i’ve met so many wonderful people and i’ve made so many friends and being here distracts me of the bad things about real life

but that’s the thing, it distracts me

i wont have time for being here that much, and i think it’s pointless to have a blog just with queues

it’s not the same, you guys know i love to talk to all my followers and i love making text posts about everything related to niall, and i love coming online and see that my friends are online and talk to them and laugh and have weird conversations about everything

and i wont be able to come online here everyday, probably i would let this blog abandoned at some point and i dont want that

i need to focus on what it’s really important, and this blog would be just an added stress

so yeah

that’s it

i’ll give myself a try the first month when i start studying

if i see i can actually manage my time to have enough time for college and for tumblr then i’ll stay of course i wont be here that much but at least i’ll stay, right?

but if i see that i dont even have enough time for studying, tumblr is out of the question

i needed to let you guys know about this because if i decide to delete my blog i wont make a text post saying “hi, im deleting my blog today”

i’ll just delete it 

it’s easier that way

so if one day you go to and it says ‘not found’ you know what happened and you know the reason why i did it and please dont hate me

im doing this because i think its the best thing to do

so yeah i think i already explained all

sorry if this was too long i just needed to vent

and let you guys know about all if this because even tho i dont talk too many of you, you’re not only my followers, you are all like friends and i love you all so fucking much and thank you for everything and im getting emotional and im gonna cry and i promise i’ll try my best to stay

if i decide to delete i wont do it till january

i wont delete my blog tomorrow or next week, dont worry

if it gets to happen it will be till next year

and its hard and it hurts and im sad but its for the best and im gonna shut up because im just rambling and nobody is reading this 

thank you for getting to the final of this post wow i love you <333

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